My palms are sweaty. I try to wipe them on the front of my pants, but to no prevail. Nothing can calm my inevitable nerves. I leave the shadows. The sun is blinding. There are more than 100 people staring at me from below. But the sun isn’t blinding them…only me. All sound is drowned out by my own thoughts. I shut the world out.
The sun is shining brightly above Tivoli’s main stage. I look to the drummer behind me. The band starts, and the sound and outside world come crawling back to me. I am, yet again, fully aware – conscious of my surroundings. Let the show begin…

I find the blindingly nerve-racking experiences very interesting. They intrigue me. When does a nerve-racking experience or job become everyday business? Something you don’t think twice about? Does that ever happen? I hope not. The nerve-racking experiences force me to push myself forward – they make life interesting. Exciting. My next exciting experience? An internship in the field of communications. I can’t wait.