About me

The globetrotter
New York, Houston, Las Vegas, Vancouver, London, Athens, Sète, Dublin – I’ve seen them all. Being a Danish-American citizen, I have travelled quite a bit in the US. But also Canada and Southern Europe have been frequent travel destinations. I have always loved travelling. A lot of my spare time is spent either planning my next great travelling adventure or soaking up all possible inspiration from past travels. (An example of one of my travel-inspired texts is the one from my trip to Dublin, which can be found in my portfolio). My latest destination was Canada, where I spent a total of six months working and experiencing life there. If I was going to learn how to stand on my own two feet – it might as well be on foreign soil.

The singer
I have always loved music, and I have been singing most of my life. But it wasn’t until I joined the local music school that I officially got to work on my abilities as a singer. This school allowed me to live and breathe music for six years. It also provided me with my first real opportunity to perform semi-professionally with a big band. But I never let myself feel content with my musical achievements – I always strove for more. I joined the local musical to explore other genres of performing arts such as acting and dancing. It is a memory I will keep with me forever.

The journalist-communicator hybrid
Communicator or journalist? Why not both? I consider myself a hybrid rather than one or the other. I have always yearned for the world of journalism – until I entered the world of communications. I haven’t chosen one over the other. Instead I choose to see the benefits of incorporating both elements in my line of work. A communicator can only benefit from having a basic understanding of the journalist’s tools. And likewise of course for the journalist.

Plænen, Tivoli
Plænen, Tivoli
The classic “six fun facts” about me:

1. My name has been mispronounced more times, than it has been properly pronounced.

2. I have dual citizenship (Danish and American).

3. I love all things Disney-related but have never been to a Disney Park.

4. I love animals but am allergic to almost every type.

5. I finished the Danish “gymnasium” with the highest GPA of my class (11,5 before any multiplications).

6. I am an active member of the Friday Bar committee at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.